Quality policy

The Mission of I.D.L. Export has always been to meet the needs of its customers, working to be identified by its interlocutors as a reliable partner.
From this point of view, the pursuit of some fundamental principles, which are at the base of the organization’s work, are fundamental:
– continuous monitoring of product compliance,
– constant monitoring of the customer satisfaction level ,
– the enhancement of behaviors and attitudes of staff involvement,
– the organized management of the activities, carried out also through the implementation of a quality management system maintained continuously effective and compliant with the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 standard,
– satisfy the applicable requirements, be their of mandatory or of customers, constantly improving their level of compliance with the requests and needs of the interested parties and at the same time their management system, approaching changes and evolutions through a “risk-based thinking” perspective.

In addition to these general principles of constant application, I.D.L. export thinks about the future, defining medium-term goals to be pursued in the next two years:
– always increasing the quality level of the products offered;
– to be present on all markets both the national and, above all, the international one.
– to improve the management of contracts type “contracts”, to allow greater visibility of the company on the market and give added value to the products offered;
– to develop the design and the furnishing accessories sales for expanding the existing markets;
– to present the corporate brands in the international market, spreading a new image that symbolizes the production and creativity dynamism, adapted to the future trends and needs of the markets;
– having sales employees who share the company philosophy
– be present on different magazines and IT platforms in order to make the brand well known on all national and international markets.

All this to maximize customer satisfaction, and ensure that I.D.L. export is not be considered as a mere support to the production, but a company that collaborates and helps the customer to be present in the market in an increasingly better way.

Vedelago, 31.05.2018
Feltrin Lino
The Direction

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